>>Trump never said only foreigners conduct Jihadist attacks, why do all of you on the left have to…
Felix Ray

the vast majority

Again, I said Trump never claimed “ALL” Jihadist attackers are foreign born, you just posted his words that also proves I am correct, so where is your problem in understanding that leaving out the Orlando attack on the totals is dishonest?

The story we are replying to attempted to claim there were only 50 Jihadist attacks total post-9/11\ I proved way more than that in just 3 attacks and many more hurt in an extremely short time so the writer and you are liars.

So you on the far left attempt to manipulate the data to defend terrorists, terrorists Felix, why? Why do you feel compelled to protect Terrorists who would slaughter you, your family, any baby they see (that is not a Muslim baby) etc but you have nothing but hate for your own President and anyone else who does not agree with your politics?

We have 67 dead, 339 hurt in just 3 Jihadist operations recently and you say that is okay because some of them were killed by an American born Jihadist?

And again, even if true, we should just blindly import more possible Jihadist problems? Don’t even try to limit radical Islam members into America?

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