The only problem with your claims is that they are flat wrong.

Again, it was blue dog Democrats who stipped out the “public option” Not Republicans.

As usual you prove how uninformed all Liberals are:

It’s the Senate side, though, where the public option was encountering most of its difficulties. Only 37** Senators, according to the whip count at Howard Dean’s website, were firmly on board with the public option, whereas at least a few Democrats (Mary Landrieu, Joe Lieberman, Kent Conrad) had stipulated their opposition to it.

As far as your timeline is concerned, it is simply not true, as they say history is written by the winners of wars so Liberals attempted to claim there was all this open debate but there was not.

Yes, there were hearings, and some details were released from the few Democrats and lobbyists writing it, mostly vague, but the actual original Bill itself had not a single Republican in the room.

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