As I said I am not denying that that Bill Clinton should have been investigated earlier, before his…
Jade Leigh Williams

And yet you and you daughter feel in the very same things Trump was accused of the same way women accuse Bill with no evidence they were “running their mouths”. And you claim no double standard?

Again, only a fool things they were the same, Bill Clinton was a public servant abusing his authority to force women to have sex with him, Trump was a private citizen and none of the claims seem to have anywhere near the credibility of those against Bill Clinton.

Maybe you should go review the actual accusations? Education can get you further than these emotion based replies you are offering.

and again, if not 1 Democrat cared about Bill Clinton, do not cry now about Trump when there is no evidence at all against the man.

And as for a woman controlling her husband…

In a real marriage yes women are in fact do keep their husband in line, I have never met a real married couple where this is not true. Sure the man may act in charge, but you see the little clues to show who the real boss is.

There is an old saying, happy wife, a happy life. Hillary knew about Bill’s chasing women long before he was Governor, then President, she could have kicked his lecherous azz to the curb at any time but she decided to stay. Remember Trump’s wives left him, why was Hillary too weak to do what Trump’s wives did?

Concerning O’ Reilly, no, she did not have to wo-rk with him directly or take his private calls, that is unheard of in the industry. Maybe 40 years ago you could harass a woman like that but not these days, if she did not like his company or conversations she would never have taken his calls and the organization is so huge she could have done her job and rarely even seen O’ Reilly.

All people against who accusations are made should be investigated

Again, I have no issue with this at all, my main issue is the massive double standard all those of you on the left have where we never heard anyone say Bill Clinton should be investigated but now when someone on the Right has an unfounded accusations against them, suddenly we need to investigate these things?

You can’t allow yourself to see the hypocrisy?

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