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All of this depends on the claim of rape, was she raped? Has any evidence ever been shown to prove he raped her?

The answer is no, she has not offered a single shred of proof that her claims are true and her behavior in closely being around him after these supposed rapes happened proves to me she was not raped.

Under the law there is a contract to consider, and she wants that contract tossed out because she has made an unfounded and unproven claim of rape against the guy who controls the contract. Imagine the wider impact on contract law in America if every contract was suddenly erased if one party of the contract alleged rape?

I believe Kesha Sebert decided the contract was not “FAIR” and decided to lie about being raped to get out of her contract. Someone filled her head with the idea that the allegation would be enough bad publicity to get them to let her out of her contract, she was wrong.

And her actions have hurt other new artists, it is extremely rare for someone to get the kind of early help she got to get her career started, after her allegations and battle to get her contract tossed out it has become a lot harder. Why should anyone take a chance on supporting a new artist when they could just use the people to get famous, then dump their contract and do their own thing after?

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