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Having our nation’s highest office held by someone with no interest in building consensus is not a democracy; it is far more akin to a dictatorship.

All the loudest crying in Government today is how Trump is unraveling all the executive orders and department level rule changes that drastically altered the function of Government under Obama. All these rule changes and executive orders were done specifically to go around Congress who Obama refused to work with and find consensus.

After 6 years of Obama specifically saying it was unconstitutional for him to hand out mass amnesty to illegal aliens, he suddenly changed course and issues mass amnesty to millions of illegal aliens immediately after the massive loss he took in Congress in the final midterms.

Obama was the very definition of “going it alone” so using your own definition of a dictator, you must be speaking about Obama.

In contract to Obama, Trump has been trying very hard to work with the other side, he is constantly inviting the Democratic leadership to meetings they flat refuse to attend. When the other side refuses to even attend a meeting to discuss issues, it is pretty difficult to find consensus so sometimes you have to do the best you can. Obama never wanted to work with the other side, this was made perfectly clear by the closed door meetings where not a single Republican was invited to start writing Obamacare. Republicans were only invited after it was all mostly written and only a small handful of their amendments that had no real impact to the overall Bill were allowed.

Then there was Obama’s sequester idea. Obama came up with the sequester so he would not have to go on record for any specific cuts before the election, but after the election Obama told Republicans he would no longer support sequester and he refused to come back to the table to negotiate the cuts as he promised to do and that is the only reason those sequester cuts went into effect, Obama refused to honor his promise to replace sequester with directed and focused cuts to the budget.

You see, Obama thought his new election victory purchased him greater power to bully the republicans into bowing down to him, Obama went into campaign mode and traveled all over giving speeches to try and force the republicans to back down but the Republicans stuck to the agreement Obama made and told Obama either he comes back to the table as he promised to do when sequester was signed or they would let the sequester go into effect as his idea.

I know facts hurt your kind, but the truth is, Obama was exactly the kind of wannabe dictator you are speaking about, but Trump is not.

Facts matter.