I will be happy to.

An interesting twist that a Doctor was one to be put off being as they are the kings of over booking, I just thought that was interesting.

As I said before, whatever reason there were less seats, a mistake or a change of planes or whatever, the fact remains some people had to get off.

If you bother to read the policies of the airlines you know they reserve the right to cancel any ticket and only reimburse the actual face value of the ticket. Offering many times more than the tickets were worth was reasonable.

So you dodged my question, there was no way to fly as-is so people had to be put off. Offering more and more money is a childish reply, is that the best you can come up with? What if they offered $10,000 and still nobody would take it? How much time and energy must pass by before the other passengers can move on with their trips being held up by those who refuse to get off when told to?

You forget airlines operate on a time table, they do not have time to grind out a 5 hour negotiation trying to beg someone to give up their seat.

So try again, be reasonable and mature this time.

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