What is it with you and cards, chief?
Derek Womble

And again, you scream “racist” and start trying to drag the conversation away from points you know you can’t answer to, the only tactic you have is screaming “racist” and that tired and disingenuous tactic has run it’s course. Democrats are the little boy who cried wolf, and the village is no longer listening to your cries.

I made my points, and clearly you agree with me because you did not even try to refute them and instead just started screaming “racist” again, lol.

All we have to do is look at the graduation rates and illiteracy rates and pregnancy rates and fatherlessness rates and gang membership rates in Black neighborhoods. You can come here and lie till you are blue in the face but the little kids in Chicago who are afraid of walking on their own street tell the truth. My children grew up never knowing a single person shot anywhere near us. Every Black child in Chicago grows up knowing several people who were shot and killed. That is the new normal for Black people, and even you do not care. You will never hold Democrats accountable for what they have done to you, they own you heart and soul.

Even though you are rude and scream “racist” all the time I do not hate you, only Liberals wallow in hate, the only thing I feel for people like you is pity. But I also know that you have made the choice to stay in this abusive relationship, and if you like the abuse, then so be it.

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