If she were to come out in opposition to Trump in a major way, she would risk losing the support of…
Sarah Merrill

And? does she have personal beliefs or is she for sale? I am so sick and tired of wimpy Republicans, If she can’t grow a backbone I hope she loses her election. She is certainly no conservative, I have no sympathy for her.

As far as popularity polls, who cares? Most of those polls are as accurate as a broken clock, remember Trump was supposed to lose and lose big according to the polls, one of them gave Hillary Clinton a 98% chance of winning.

The vast majority of those who get polled are either Liberals or establishment voters, if that, a lot of them have zero tracking and no way of knowing who was responding to their poll. It could have been the family dog randomly hitting buttons during the call, who knows?

Anyone being more concerned with polls than doing what they feel is right does not deserve to win in my opinion.

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