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The Obama administration made regional harmony a priority, and former Secretary of State John Kerry worked hard to bring both Israeli and Palestinian leaders back to the negotiating table in an effort to restart peace talks.

And how much success did Obama see from that tactic?

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

The reason there can never be a two state solution and not a true one state solution is because of the Palestinians themselves for two main reasons:

  1. Palestinians maintain a bounty on the heads of all Jews in Israel, they pay a monthly salary to anyone who kills a Jew. Can you imagine if Israel put a bounty on the heads of Palestinians? Heads would explode if Israel tried that but Palestinians can do this and nobody cares, especially not the UN who has always turned a blind eye to it.
  2. Control. There can be no true treaty with any leader of a group that can’t control that group in any way. The Palestinian leader, Abbas, only controls about 30% of the people and can’t stop the terrorist acts. As long as the majority of the Palestinian people are lawless and answer to no leader there can be no treaties.

Treaties are only possible with leaders who can enforce those treaties, Palestinians will never have such a leader because they are radical terrorists at heart.