Oh come on, Louis.
Ron van Lienden

Oh come on, Louis. You’re obviously and intelligent guy. You didn’t read where Trump already called the president of Taiwan, pissing off the mainland Chinese?

And that has what to do with the topic of the Emoluments clause?

You didn’t read that Trump want to build hotels in Taiwan.

I am sure Trump wants to build hotels everywhere, again what does that have to do with the Emoluments clause? Did the president of Taiwan hand money to Trump? Did you see or witness something illegal?

You don’t think Trump at least implied that he would support the Taiwanese against the Chinese as long as they let him build his hotels?

Oh, I get it, you want me to “ASSUME” Trump did something illegal and then convict him of illegal acts based purely on your assurance that Trump did something wrong?

You have any hard evidence backing your claim or are you just making stuff up based on how much you hate Trump?

That’s exactly what the Emoluments clause was designed to prevent.

Nope, not even close, the Emoluments clause is about preventing bribery, not you making up sick evil fantasies to accuse Trump with when you have no proof to back you up.

Americans believe in a very basic concept of innocence until proven guilty. Anyone wanting to claim Trump is guilty of a crime without being able to prove it is in my mind about as unamerican as it gets.

“IF” you get some proof, I will be the first Conservative minded person to join up with you to attack Trump for doing something bad, but I flat refuse to entertain these childish “Chicken Little” accusations when we all know it is based only on the fact the far left are sore losers and are feeding their hate with all these baseless claims.

I want to leave you with a saying I have used for most of my life, it has given me perspective and allowed me to let go of my own poorly motivated views in the past:

If all you are looking for in life is the negative, you will always find it, even if it is not really there. ~ Louis Weeks

Please take this to heart.

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