What becomes more and more concerning to me is Trump’s inability to remember what he actually said…
Linda A Robinson, Ph.D.

Herr Trump

And the true motivation of hate rears it’s ugly head, lol. Your comments are biased by your hate.

Have you ever considered all of what Trump does is part of a long term plan? so far Trump has played the media for fools, using them to do his bidding, so why not also toy with a few details for the same purpose?

How does the public even know about what happened in that meeting with Russia? Highest levels of the FBI and Intelligence agencies constantly leaking classified information. So in a world where even the highest officials of our intelligence agencies are leaking stuff for political reasons to hurt Trump what is the counter to it?

Think for a change, really consider the problem from the perspective of a President dealing with the horrible reality that every aspect of the intelligence industry is politically corrupt and leaking stuff only to hurt you. What would you do to counter this?

If you can’t stop the leaking of classified information, then the next best thing is to flood the media with all sorts of conflicting information and commentary so the general public has no idea what is true and what is not, it is called information overload and is a very effective tactic to counter the intelligence agency leaking.

The man is brilliant and you are too blinded by your hate to see it. Don;t get me wrong, even as a Conservative person myself I do not really believe Trump is a likable person, but there is no mistaking his abilities.

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