L. Weeks. Trump said the bad was for 90 days to reassess what was going on and decide how to…
Mike Redhead

L. Weeks. Trump said the bad was for 90 days to reassess what was going on and decide how to properly vet these people. It is now 140 + days into his administration. So what have he done??

And there has been no pause to allow those working to concentrate on how to improve vetting, they are still stuck working on the normal process. most Government agencies have their hands full maintaining existing business, no time to work on other issues like how to address the problem the Obama Administration pointed out.

The pause would allow those people to stop[ what they are doing and focus on how to do- things better, if possible.

Even ‘if’ the point of the ban was to protect American citizens the Democrats knew it was political theater to pander to dimwit such as yourself and would in effect do nothing

Did you even bother to read what you said? I think you were so worked up for any excuse to toss childish insults you messed up and made my point for me. No matter if the concern was real, Democrats only wanted to play politics. Exactly my point.

Remember, this is a concern made under the Obama Administration, not Trump’s. So this is a real issue, and one Democrats were willing to turn a blind eye to and let innocent Americans possibly die because to you, political correctness comes before American lives.

America does not and never has relied on the originating country to vet people prior to landing in the US so your point is ridiculous nonsense….we expect nothing else from you!

You guys on the radical left do shock me at how uneducated you are on reality.

Yes, Us officials do conduct the check, but they need documentation and records provided by the local Governments to use in that process. If you bothered to actually read the Obama Administration report we are referring to you would see that is exactly what the Obama Administration was raising the red flag about. The local Governments either could not, or would not, help provide the necessary documents to assist in the vetting process.

As usual, I stick to facts, you only have emotions.

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