Calling out an ignorant and reckless man, who suffers from at least one personality disorder, who…
Sapere Aude

Calling out an ignorant and reckless man, who suffers from at least one personality disorder, who endangers our national security for the sake of indulging his power-hungry whims is not ‘micro-managing’ a political representative.

And what qualifies you to make that diagnosis and claim? How much time have you spent 1 — on — 1 with Trump to qualify your reply?

This man has his fingers fiddling on the ‘Nuclear War Button’, because he uses it as an avenue to stroke his universe-size ego.

Every man who has ever been President has a Universe sized ego, they would not have ever ruin for the office otherwise.

Daily he careens from creating one disaster after another simply ‘because he can’.

Really? Can you point to an actual disaster as an example? I will certainly agree he has a lot of the radical left up in arms almost every day but that is all words, no actual disaster outside of brittle Liberal feelings.

So where are these disasters? You do understand what an actual disaster is don’t you? We should see some destruction and a lot of deaths, massive disruption of society, something big, not just crying.

Scarcely a moment goes by that he is not soliciting attention in one form or another. Much of the fallout is malicious, pernicious, dangerous, and ALWAYS, downright petty.

Well again most Presidents looked for attention, Obama was famous for his constant campaign modes to travel the country to push certain agendas and let’s not forget Obama also took a more direct control over his image. As far as your claims of Trump being “malicious” etc that is all your opinion based on your own hate of the man, not reality.

Never does he exhibit the restraint or self-control of a mature adult.

Now there is something I can partly agree with, but his being willing to engage his attackers on the radical left is one of the reasons he was elected President. Normal Americans want someone who is willing to fight back against the radical left not just be a punching bag.

So Trump is actually doing what normal Americans want him to do.

And this is someone you admire? This is someone you trust with your life, the lives of your children, the lives of your family, friends, community and nation?
What does that say about you?

I was wondering when you would twist this around to attack me on a personal level, that is what all Liberals do, you see anyone who does not agree with you as evil, and that is why so much of America is rejecting your kind.

No I do not admire Trump but I do respect him, he has both good and bad parts just like every other Human being on this planet. At this time Trump is doing more for my set of political beliefs than Hillary Clinton would have so I accept his faults as part of the deal.

Just the Supreme court picks alone has preserved the right to bear arms, something we would have lost if Hillary Clinton was elected President, something few Americans understand is all of the Liberal Justices were either directly, or indirectly against the private ownership of arms, if Hillary has made the court pick and we got 5 Liberals then the 2nd amendment would no longer exist so to me that one fact alone is why I could never accept Hillary as President.

Look, I know at this point you are irrational and filled with rage but maybe you can come back to this part later after you have cooled off and not so emotional, consider this:

What have the picture perfect professional politicians done for us no matter what party they belong to? Sure they talk nice and they look the part and they have wonderful disposition and grace but what have they actually done to help the common man?

This is the point I feel is the most important, we have this professional class politician who only serves themselves, they look pretty but stab us in the back constantly no matter what party they claim to be loyal to.

Hillary Clinton said it best, you have to have two sets of policies, those you share with voters to get elected, and your real agenda you keep to yourself. This is the modern professional politician mindset. And ask yourself this question, Corporations and bankers and Wall Street dumped tens of millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s pockets, so what exactly do you believe they were getting in return for that investment if Hillary won?

Have a nice day :)

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