Unfortunately for both sides, there are violent lamebrains causing trouble for both sides just…
Derek Starr

And yet that is simply not true. I do agree there are those on both sides talking ugly, but you never saw rioting and perpetual mass protesting when Obama was elected either time.

What the left is currently expressing is completely different and unique to them and their mindsets. Those on the left tend to look down on anyone that does not agree with them anyway, it is a core trait that pretty much defines all Liberals and Democrats. Combine that with the fact most of their beliefs are emotions based.

For example, they demand open borders and zero immigration laws because they “feel bad” for those who live in Countries that do not have the same social safety net and opportunities as Americans have. The problem is they do not look at the fact we can’t take all the poor of the world into our borders.

Republicans and Conservative minded people like me feel bad for these people too, but we understand the cold hard fact that we can’t take everyone in. At some point a line must be drawn

But those on the left simply can’t accept it. So being as their beliefs are mostly emotion driven, when they do not get what they want, temper tantrums follow. Only these are not small children, they are full grown adults who can cause a lot of damage when they have temper tantrums.

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