I don’t think you understand the Emoluments clause, Louis.
Ron van Lienden

I don’t think you understand the Emoluments clause

And yet what you claim it says is not what it says. There is absolutely nothing against normal business, you do know that all of our early Presidents were business and land owners who operated their businesses while President and went back to those businesses when done right?

Serving in Congress or as President was never seen as a great way to make money, that is a new development where we now have professional politicians where getting filthy rich in a lifetime of public office is now the norm. Obama is rich, and all of his riches have come after he became a professional politician.

I am sorry but I see nothing in any laws that says a person being elected as President must suddenly sell everything and lose 90% of their net worth.

And anyone with a brain knows that is exactly what they are demanding of Trump, to see these things fast he would have to sell off at pennies on the dollar and even then it could take several years to finally sell everything. That is simply an irresponsible and frankly childish thing to ask of a man who could make ten times more money by concentrating on his businesses than giving up most of his time to run America and try to fix things for us.

Again, the purpose of the Emoluments clause is to help prevent bribery attempts, if Trump is not making any extra money, then clearly the Emoluments clause has no bearing, it is up to you and anyone else who is trying to claim Trump has broken the law to “prove” he broke the law.

So “Prove it”.

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