You were right about the 2nd Amendment, a typo.

You were right about the 2nd Amendment, a typo. But, in my opinion of course, your wrong about almost everything else.

And yet you can’t offer an example? Most of the stuff you claimed Conservatives were against is simply not true. I am a conservative, I was central in planning Tea party events, attended 7 others, I have an email contact list of over 100,000 fellow Conservatives we send group messages to. I think I have a much better connection to what true Conservatives believe and want than you do based only on what you read on radical left echo chambers like this.

Let’s check back with each other in a year.

Well we have seen a steady implosion in the Democratic party over the last 8 years, I do not see any indication that anything is changing with the Democratic party. You put another establishment democrat in charge of the DNC, kept Pelosi who has led Democrats to over 1,000 lost elections in the past 8 years, and you replaced Reid with someone even worse, so where is the change?

Until then, I hope you find peace and don’t have to use your gun for anything other than sport.

I do not have to find peace my silly friend, I live peace every day, have a great life. You as a radical left guy keep trying to insert your own mindset onto others. You see the only reason to own a gun is to want to kill people so you force your view onto me.

I own guns for many reasons, I hunt, I live on a small farm with animals and the occasional snake, I have had to put down more than one animal that was suffering, I enjoy sport shooting at targets and yes, in case of needed, I would like the opportunity to shoot back should I ever face that need. You ever stop and wonder about how country folk rarely get robbed? It is assumed anyone in the country is armed, so few want to take that risk. Guns are indeed a deterrent.

But let’s be realistic, just having a gun is no guarantee you will be able to use it to save your life, I and no conservative thinks a gun is a magic self-defense tool. A gun like any other tool represents a possibility, not a guarantee. IF you have a gun then you have one more possibility to balance the scales, who are you or anyone else to tell me I have no right to have that possibility to self-defense should it be needed?

Consider this, if privately held weapons were not allowed, this cop would have died: