OK, readers, I’m gonna feed this troll one more time before I sign off.
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And yet you still dodged my direct question? You too much a coward to answer as direct question? I have never dodged a single question from anyone in my life, why do you find you just have to avoid certain things to protect yourself? Is is blind party loyalty that forces you to avoid certain facts?

Again, the same people who voted for Obama two times rejected Hillary Clinton, you can either come to grips with this fact or keep running away from it but that painful reality is still out there, it is still in the minds and hearts of Americans who are sick and tired of the political Elitists in both parties.

Yes both sides have tossed insults, but only Liberals use the insults to block honest debate and only Liberals use it in such large amounts.

If we do get a real “Wolf” it will be because you far lefties have been falsely calling everyone a wolf so much nobody can tell who is or is not, that is the problem with you guys being so dishonest all the time, the one time you actually stop telling lies nobody will believe you.

Illegals Aliens should never get full citizenship because they have not earned it, millions of people all over the world have been applying the right way and waiting their turn, skipping the line should never be rewarded with citizenship.

An inscription on a statue is not an answer, again I asked for you to explain why only America is responsible for all the needy in the world and no other Nation is responsible to care for their own people. Let’s get past childish ideas and offer a real argument for America needing to pay for everything. If you can? I am actually curious why the far left believes America must be responsible for everyone else.

Securing the border is securing the border, my personal preference is we have millions of peacetime military who spend most of their time cleaning things and looking pretty for inspections, we should rotate them out and post them on the border, border security is a reasonable task for the military in all Countries of the world. But barriers and walls and drones and whatever is needed is okay by me too, as long as it is secured.

So at the end you claim birth rates and social dynamics will one day make your views acceptable in America? Well I think that is certainly possible, but I don’t know, you guys were wrong about all Hispanics wanting open borders and zero immigration enforcement, Trump got more Hispanics than Romney and McCain. Trump also did extremely well with woman and Blacks so that does tend to tarnish your idea that all these “others” will be blindly loyal Liberals.

Irresponsible Government, identity politics, blanket attacks, the “fear the other side” mentality Liberals push is not going to be seen as reasonable to everyone just because they are not White. As time goes by and more people find individual success, that will always bring them to a more centrist or Conservative mindset.

I certainly hope you are wrong, because if you are right we will end up exactly like Greece once Liberals have unfettered control over Government, there has never been a pure Liberal Government who could control their spending anywhere in the world. 4 more European Nations are now looking to be in similar troubles as Greece was in, and we know most Liberal Big Cities and States are also out of money or close to bankruptcy.

I guess we will see.

Anyway, it is always interesting watching you far lefties squirm and cry about how unfair it is to use facts against you, lol, I wish you well, have a good day :)

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