And we learn that today’s talking points memo said to emphasize, “Well, the president divulging top…

And you know what, I am going to add one more thing.

divulging top secret information to antagonistic foreign leaders

Why do you on the radical left keep trying to pick a fight with Russia? If anyone of the two should be considered hostile to the other America should be seen as the aggressor.

Obama and Hillary conspired with European Countries to overthrow the Democratically elected leadership of Ukraine, a key element in Russia’s oil and natural gas pipeline delivery. By destabilizing Ukraine, America and Europe cost Russia a great deal of pain.

Not to mention there goes the idea America and Europe respect the results of elections, Europe and America was pissed off that the leader of Ukraine would not sign off on their trade deal so they removed him from power.

But you think Russia is the aggressor? I believe there is enough evidence to show America does not have clean hands either.

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