Yes, I did. The part of your comment I was responding to was this:
Willi Kampmann

Yes, I did. The part of your comment I was responding to was this:

And you still did not understand my point? I don’t care who the writer was talking about, the only reason the topic was chosen was because sore losers on the far left are trying to sensationalize this insignificant event because they are pissed off.

Christine Zook did not refer to Trump, but to the electors’ plan to “unify behind a Republican alternative“ to Trump.

There is no “plan” there are a couple establishment idiots having childish temper tantrums, I have no more love for Establishment Republicans than I have for establishment Democrats,m this is a non-story.

His bigotry, his racially and sexually charged language and actions…….

I and no rational Americans have seen any of that, I have seen a lot of dishonest far lefties distort and edit and actually make up stuff trying to paint Trump with those claims but I have yet to see any evidence of it.

For example, Hillary and company first called Trump a racist when he said the illegals Mexico forces into America are not their best citizens, many are criminals but some are also good people.

Liberals lied and claimed Trump said “all” Mexicans are rapists. Trump never said that, and to make it worse, not one outlet would include where Trump also said some were good people. You edit out the parts that do not fit your narrative.

Every claim you make is exactly the same as that example, and normal Americans are sick and tired of the name calling and lies, that is why you are losing not just the Presidency but the house and senate and most State level elections as well.

You know, aggressive and insulting language is not a sign of intellectual discourse.

And you using name calling is?

There’s a direct link between votes and points, and that’s why football is a terrible analogy. In football, it doesn’t matter what the people outside the football field want.

Actually you are wrong again, my analogy is dead on because it is the fans who buy the tickets, who show support or show displeasure, coaches have been fired over pressure placed by public opinion, buying merchandise and such gives the team funds to hire better players and get new equipment, the team without public support will not have needed money to put a prepared and well team on the field. The “fans” get behind their chosen champions, and it is their support that makes the points the team scores possible.

Your problem is like most far lefties, you are trying too hard to nitpick an irrelevant detail to avoid discussing the actual point being made, that the contest was points, not how many people showed up to watch the contest, you simply can’t accept that point so you nitpick as a form of temper tantrum.

Your style of discussion is tiresome. You’re insulting, you’re charging, you’re making up arguments as you go. Here is what Trump said:

Pointing out the fact you lied is tiresome? If it is an insult to correctly point out you lied then maybe you need to go look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel the need to lie?

And then you lied again:

He was asked repeatedly if he would accept the results either way. And he clearly said he only promised to accept them if he won.

He never said that, you are a liar. You quoted him directly, he clearly said he would have to see how it worked out and reserve his right to contest just like Al Gore did, at no time did he ever say he would only accept the results if he won.

You can get all pissed off about me calling you out on your lies if you want, but you are a liar, that is fact. Why you feel the need to lie is the only question and one I can only assume is based on hate.

Trump had claimed the system was rigged from the start (without evidence, mind you).

Ask the average Bernie supporter if they believe the system was rigged against Bernie and see what you get? There is no question that there is some element of corruption in the system where the media is even joining up with a party member from the start.

The other part of the equation are the voters: What happens when the candidate continuously makes mostly baseless accusations that the system is rigged against him?

And again, the system is rigged, such as CNN giving Hillary Clinton questions before their debate, there is simply no debate on that topic, there is an element of corruption, the only question is how deep does it go?

And another point, what about the media and Hillary Clinton making baseless accusations against Trump being a racist? Those kinds of distortions and lies are okay?

There is a difference between Conservatives and Trump-Conservatives. From the start Trump has campaigned on the idea of a rigged system, from the start he has campaigned on racism, xenophobia and us-versus-them thinking.

That is certainly what the far left claimed, but it is all lies, Trump never supported racism or anything else, you have distorted and taken comments out of context and edited comments to change their meanings to push that dishonest narrative but it is all untrue, and normal Americans saw through it, I am so proud of America for being able to see the truth.

That’s why it’s not surprising that he attracted a lot of bigoted and hateful people (I’ve followed what went on at some Trump rallies).

And while you saw a couple idiots do bad things at the rallies who supported Trump, was also saw millions of normal Liberals showing up to silence Trump, got so violent one event had to be canceled and several other events Liberals attacked police and attacked Trump supporters who were leaving events, so the only “widespread” violence and intolerance is clearly proven to be Liberals, not Conservatives.

Tell me this, why do all Liberals believe they have the right to silence fellow Americans? Why do you get to say who gets to enjoy freedom of assembly and freedom of speech and freedom of association?

I don’t share a Conservative view point but boy, even Mitt Romney was a hell of a politician next to Trump.

One hell of a politician……who lost. You do not have the first clue what a modern Conservative is if you think pointing to Romney means anything, lol. The man was more Liberal than Hillary Clinton, in fact Trump is to the left of Hillary Clinton on many issues, I have always Said Hillary Clinton would make a Great establishment Republican because they are in lockstep with each other on 90% of policy.

Yes, I did listen to Trump. As long as I could bear, anyway. Trump repeatedly said the political process was rigged against him, not the media. Of course Trump apologetics have been busy re-interpreting that in lesser ways.

Bull, Trump constantly and consistently pointed to the media as the biggest issue, now you may be confused over Trump’s comments about the nomination process that greatly benefited establishment candidates but that was a completely deterrent issue, one the Democratic party also has, only ten times worse.

For example, the “super delegates” are bad enough, but from day one the media who picked Hillary Clinton as their candidate from the start were spamming the idea Bernie never had a chance before it ever started, you really thing that kind of all out assault on Bernie was fair?

This video is particularly funny today because he’s talking about him self-funding his campaign (did not), about the influence of lobbyists (now he’s busy bringing lobbyists into his cabinet) and about influence from foreign countries (yet he will not give away ownership of his international business).

Trump did self-fund his campaign, he never took any money from lobbyists unlike Hillary Clinton who is on record as taking the most special interest money of all professional politicians in history. You missed the point, by not taking their money trump did not owe “favors” the way Hillary Clinton did.

Candidates taking special interest money used to be even a big deal for Liberals but in the last 20 years or so they have became “corporate Democrats” who have never met a group they would not take money from.

And why “give away” businesses? There is no reason for him to do so? The day foreign Government shove hundreds of millions of dollars into Trump’s pockets the way they did Hillary then get back to me.

Another one of Trump’s pet peeves and part of his “rigged system” myth are his continuous claims of voter fraud (obviously against him), even though nothing of the sort can be found in any significant quantity.

I agree that Trump’s comment is not fact because it can’t be proven, but that is because there is no way to verify it one way or the other. It is certainly possible, even probable, but not fact, I give you that.

Let’s take California for example, anyone who can give a name and address for a registered voter can cast a ballot, there is no identification ever shown to prove “who” is actually casting the ballot so we will never know if the same name on the ballot was the person who filled it out.

Yes, there was some collusion between the DNC and the media; and yes, that’s a problem.

How big of a problem, I notice you go on and on to nitpick irrelevant details but this huge issue gets one sentence? You really do not see how bad it is that the media conspired to rig the debate in Hillary Clinton’s favor?

This is exactly the kind of thing Trump is talking about and you cry that Trump should not complain but how do we deal with the massive rigged system when the media is in on the scam?

Feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton is a massive blow to the integrity of the process and you guys do not even care, I have never seen a single attack piece on Thinkprogress calling CNN to task and demanding a full accounting.

But no, Sanders might have been negatively affected, but was not a victim. Far more people voted for Clinton, plain and simple.

Why? Why did more people vote for Hillary? The media from day one was saying Bernie did not have a chance and spammed the super delegate count before the first voting started, you do not think that kind of gloom and doom reporting suppressed Bernie supporters? Really?

So you like Bernie, but everyone is bombarding you with talk about how Bernie has no chance and you think that would not discourage you?

Elections are about momentum, from day one the media was helping Hillary and hurting Bernie so slowly, one State at a time Bernie was being slowed down and crippled but he kept fighting and did an incredible job considering how everyone in the DNC and the media were against him every step of the way.

Bernie would have won, and won easily if not for the direct collusion of the media and the DNC to drag Hillary Clinton over the finish line. And guess what, Bernie would have crushed Trump in the general because independents by far (independents decide elections, not party loyalists) preferred Bernie.

It was the DNC who handed Trump the win on a silver platter, not racists.

And by the way, Trump did not get any kind of “surge” of support, he got close to what Romney got but he did do better with women and blacks and Hispanics (that last one made Liberal heads explode, lol). It was Hillary Clinton who under performed, her alienation of the “fly over states” and her arrogance cost her the election because people who voted for Obama two elections in a row, either stayed home or voted for Trump, that is on Hillary and the DNC.

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