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Another great example of how States with extremely strong anti-gun laws do not stop gun violence.

So we now know they were dating for about 4 years then got married, then after a little more than a money of marriage she left him, and he ended up going to the school telling the staff he had to drop off school materials his wife needed and they let him go to her room where he shot her to death, reloaded then killed himself.

We do not yet know if there was any time between when he showed up and when he shot her, some may claim if she had her own gun she could have shot him first but I think in this case he most likely just started shooting instantly and she would not have been able to shoot back.

The problem as I see it was a too lax process for letting people onto school grounds. If he had something for her he could drop it at the office, she had left him so I do not know if she told school staff or not so no way to comment on that.

But more importantly, some networks are reporting he had a criminal record, my concern is if the gun and possession of it was legal for this shooter or not?

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