Louis, Those memos are the property of the government but the content of those memos aren’t.
David Wooten

Louis, Those memos are the property of the government but the content of those memos aren’t. If some civil servant comes up with a park schedule, the document is the property of the government but the contents of the schedule are not secret and can be released to the public at any time.

Apples and oranges, this was the Director of the FBI discussing official business, all of his “work product” becomes the property of the Federal Government. This is not being refuted by the far left media, I watched CNN and MSNBC shows both cover this as true, but their commentary was that there is no real penalty for it, but there is no question what Comey did was wrong.

In Comey’s testimony, he said that he was careful to make sure that the memos did not contain classified information.

Irrelevant, he can’t release any official documents without first requesting permission, he can’t just release anything he wants to release, he admitted to showing those memos to his team and making them part of his official duties.

What he said in those memos were things that he could have said to the press immediately after those meetings without violating any law. In other words, Comey could have come out of his meeting with Trump and said, “the President just asked me to be loyal to him” and that would have been legal. He didn’t because that would have made for an even worse relationship with Trump.

You are wrong, any official correspondence in the function of his job. The FBI employment agreement clearly states that he can’t release any work product regardless of classification.

I don’t see how you can possibly that that Comey, the head of the FBI and who is a long-time prosecutor, was not aware of the legality of his actions in releasing the contents of these memos. If there was any chance that what he did was illegal, he sure wouldn’t be so forthcoming with the fact that he was the reason that the contents of these memos became public.

He is pissed off, rage sometimes forces people to do stupid things, lol.

All I know is what the laws and rules say. As I just pointed out, the FBI employment form he signed is very clear about not releasing any work product without permission no matter how it is classified. Also there are similar rules concerning not releasing any federal documents without permission in the Records act.

I honestly was shocked at Comey admitting he had no clue what Federal Construction laws says, he seems to have no real grasp on the law. When he was faced with the laws against releasing Federal product he acted shocked as if he never heard of the law before.

Comey seems to be more cowardly bureaucrat than anything else. He has seriously hurt his credibility by admitting he is a leaker. I saw about 30 Democrats saying today that what Comey did was wrong and that there were a host of ways for Comey to get this information out officially instead of using the media as a political ploy.

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