Unfortunately, as with Michael Slager who shot Walter Scott in the back 5 times (8 shots fired) as…
Bills Alterego

As Dallas said, murder was never an option, all of the jury members were pushing for the lesser charge. That said, justice is not over, there is the Federal case still pending and the option to do another trial at the State level. So clearly the cop has not gotten away with anything yet.

That said, I agree the system is not perfect and not every case of wrongdoing by police will result in them going to prison, just like many murderers in society who are not police get away with it too, this is the system we have, mistakes will be made. In Chicago I believe about 75% of all murders are never solved, so we can’t expect all bad cops will be busted either.

And let’s be clear, just because the DOJ is micro managing a police force that does not make abuse magically disappear. So there is no real point in these orders.

My main point is the claims made against these police forces are simply not true, if they were you would see hundreds of criminal cases being applied to those police who are violating Civil rights. But we did not see even 1 case after the investigations.

And by the way, for every Walter Scott example you offer there are a dozen of those like Michael Brown that were 100% justified but the radical left still push them as being murder. Michael Brown did not have his hands ho, he was not on his knees, and at the time of the fatal bullets entering his body he was charging at the cop.

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