Not true at all.

Not true at all. Any sex that involves sperm and a person able to get pregnant can result in pregnancy.

As in high risk, creating an unwanted child is extremely bad, are you trying to say it is not? And let’s not forget that if you are doing things that can create an unwanted child, then you are also subjecting yourself to sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases, also very dangerous.

The risk goes down dramatically with birth control but it is never zero.

Most birth control does not change the risk of disease transmission.

Add the lack of comprehensive sex education America has and the risk of misusing BC is high as well.

Let’s just stop this bull, the average woman getting an abortion already has at least 1 child, this is not a case of being stupid as you Liberals love to claim, most children know all ab out the birds and the bees long before they can make babies. This is the age of the internet, try to come into the modern age.

And there are many different forms of birth control that vary in price, not every person can use the hormonal pills successfully, and certainly not every person can afford $26 a month! My point being, “high risk sexual encounters” are certainly not the only way unwanted children are conceived.

Both of the two most common forms are $26 a month, that covers most Women, let’s keep this on the standards, not the extremely rare fringe.

Again, “ALL” sexual encounters that can result in an unwanted baby is high risk.

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