Now you add “dishonest” to your list of name calling?
Brendon Whateley

As promised, your first words are to further play the troll and nitpick a discussion between me and someone who was so upset he ran away and blocked me so your obsession with me is childish, so I did not bother to read your reply, I will repost my last section for you as I said I would do if you continued to play the troll.


So unless you have something of substance to offer a real discussion I am done with your troll behavior, any further discussion of this other person and his bad intentions are none of your business so if you persist in pushing this misguided attempt to play the “white knight” I will just ignore the rest and repost this last part at you without reading it.

But I am more than willing to discuss substantive issues of understanding what a Trump supporter is if you are really interested in open and honest discussion, but all I have seen from you so far is playing the troll.

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