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As the story goes so far, someone in the FBI said that most of the stories floating around in the media were simply not true so all the Whitehouse asked the FBI to do was to simply verify that part to help end all the wild speculation and hysteria happening even in the largest media sources in America like the New York Times.

There was never an attempt to stop an investigation of interfere with one, there is a big difference between asking someone to verify a fact or identify a story as not true and asking them to end an investigation.

With the kind of damage that is done by lingering fake news where the gullible swallow these things and forever believe them no matter how much information is released later to prove the early story false, it does seem to be in the best interest of society to squash these rumors as soon as possible.

Take for a great example Michael Brown. Still today there are the brainwashed that claim Brown was murdered, some even believe the cop shot Brown “execution style” while on his knees only because that was the early reports even on CNN and the New York Times. We now know from hard evidence that Brown was never on his knees, never had his hands up, and was in fact charging at the cop when the fatal bullets entered his body.

But the media and dishonest politicians/race hustlers expended so much energy brainwashing the masses that no amount of hard facts will ever get some of them to accept the truth, the lie is simply better to their mindset.

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