No accident, he first quiets the crowd.

Bebe was nodding in approval during many of Trump’s comments so I am not sure how people like you can claim he will be at odds with Trump.

Considering the open and raw hostility the last American President showed Bebe, even funding opposition to his re-election, I am sure he will see Trump as a very great alternative, especially considering how openly hostile Hillary was to him and Israel.

Bebe knows Iran and their funding of terrorists attacking Jews is his Nations biggest long term security issue, Obama and Hillary wanted to be friends and embrace Iran, Trump does not, sure there may be a few isolated incidents where Bebe would like Trump to do something differently, but at the end of the day this is about the survival of Israel and Bebe knows Trump is way, way better for helping Israel to survive than any other possibility so he will support Trump in return.

For that matter, many Muslim Nations also fear Iran, so this is one area Trump can gather together many supporters in the region to fight the common enemy in Iran.

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