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While there’s no evidence Trump actually sold all his stocks, at least he acknowledges that continued ownership of them would present a problem. But if Trump really wants to avoid conflicts of interest when he’s president, then there’s another step he must take — completely divesting from the Trump Organization.

Because it is impossible for Trump to sell all of his businesses, not in two months and not in 4 years, most of his empire is reality and attached branding, the legal complications alone would take more than a year to hammer out before a sale is even possible.

We are still mostly in a buyers market, nobody actually needs to buy commercial property at this point, there is a lot of unused commercial properties out there flooding the market and the only thing that makes Trump’s different or possibly more appealing is the branding that goes with it.

Who will want to buy a property when once the Trump branding is removed will tank? And go through years of negotiating and legal entanglements to get the final sale?

So even if Trump tried to sell everything at a 80% loss, it is still doubtful he could get anyone willing to buy, and while Trump may get a few sold, selling “everything” is simply impossible, there will be many elements that nobody will buy, mostly because outside of the empire supporting it, it is not valuable to anyone else.

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