Withhold the grandchildren — how to solve the Trump situation
Anastasia Bright

Indeed, his approval ratings have held steady through all of his monstrous acts. As he called Nazis ‘very fine people’ or insulted a Gold Star widow by saying her husband ‘knew what he signed up for’, his rating has stayed steady at about 40 percent. It hasn’t’ wavered much since April.

Because none of these claims turn out to be true. It all really started with the claim made b y all media outlets and all talking heads that Trump called all Mexicans rapists.

I still remember when a close lifetime Democrat friend called me and asked me about this and I sent him an email link to Trump’s complete speech and he told me then that he never realized that even the mainstream media were openly telling lies like that.

What you on the far left do is you take comments out of context, you edit out portions of his words, you even insert words he never actually said then you attack him for it, and those who support Trump or in general just do not like the dishonesty and are resisting that dishonesty see this and just ignore the noise because we know it is just more dishonesty by the radical left.

I call this the “little boy who cried wolf” effect. You cried wolf too many times and now nobody is listening.

If your parent is a Trump supporter, they don’t get to see the grandkids at Thanksgiving.

Well considering the fact most people turn to parents for things like babysitting and help paying a bill when they hit hard times, they have a lot to lose by rejecting their parents and grandparents just because they share different political beliefs than you do.

You really want to be written out of grand-dad’s will?

So let me get this straight, you make love of family and friends conditional to who they voted for? Seems to me you have no concept of what love really is.

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