What a pile of dog crap. Totally unworthy of a rebuttal.
Terry Call

Because yo-u can’t offer any rebuttal to my actual facts, this is why you attempted to- change the subject to a different popular lie with you on the radical left.

First of all, Trump is working every one of those weekends, the hotels are his homes, places he has always lived in on the weekends, it is no different for him to go to one of his Hotels ad Bush going to his ranch.

Second, the cost has been greatly expanded by you on the dishonest left to add emotion based intensity but once the initial cost was covered for security, it does not cost any more to go to the Hotels as it does to go to- Camp David. In fact it could cost less being as Trump covers the cost of staff at his Hotels while the taxpayer covers the cost of staffing Camp David.

Facts, not emotions Terry.

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