>Well other Nations are way behind on their contributions
Andrew Zibuck

No, they aren’t. There is no “behind”. Contributing 2% of GDP is a guideline not a rule, and has only been a guideline for 3 years.

Bull, they have to maintain ongoing support for NATO to exist, America has been forced to step up our own finding because other Countries are not offering their fair share.

Ask yourself a question, what if all Nations refused to pay? Who covers the cost of defending Europe when all of the European Nations refuse to pay their fair share?

Wrong. America spends more because it wants to. Furthermore, last year, 22 of 28 NATO members increased their defense budgets. If the U.S. is removed from the equation, the group increased its spending by 3.8% in 2016. Including the U.S., overall spending rose by 2.9%. So it’s the U.S.’s increase that is not keeping up with other nations’ increases.

You are being dishonest, just because other Nations “increased” that does not mean that increase was balanced or equatable. America was already paying way, way, way more than anyone else, and this makes no sense being as this is specifically dealing with the defense of Europe, not America. But all of Europe is not paying their fair share for their own defense.

lol indeed.

It is dishonest of you to gloss over this point, if there was nothing wrong with their level of funding, why did they suddenly start making payments when Trump pointed it out?

Clearly they all know they have been getting away with murder, and now Trump is shinning a light on this problem.

They’ve always paid, and the increase is not sudden. Again, see the result of the 2014 Summit.

They always paid less than they should have, this is the point, and only after Trump commented on it did some of them make a new set of payments, this proves even they know they are wrong.

Wrong. European nations have had to increase spending to take care of all the refugees the U.S. has created with it’s bombing, regime change and terrorist-funding programs.

Wow, what a lie. America did not force them to open their borders, and don;t forget some of those European Nations have been partners in some of those actions as well.

And most of it was caused by Obama creating a power vacuum that created ISIS. Something all of Europe applauded. They also joined up on the conspiracy of regime change in Libya. Europe also caused regime change in Ukraine as well so don’t play stupid.

Anyway, the actual cost of Europe accepting refugees is not even a drop of water in the ocean for what America spends on supporting illegal aliens so cry me a river.

You are attempting to change the subject because you know you are wrong. We are discussing NATO, a European defense treaty, America is paying for Europe’s defense, it is far past time Europe start to pay for their own defense.

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