Louis, you have prefabricated answers to all the points.
Carl Sandburg

Louis, you have prefabricated answers to all the points. You first accuse me of providing no evidence or support, but then discount the evidence on the grounds that you are uninformed about those things.

Bull, you say Bannon is unqualified because “YOU SAY” he is unqualified, that is not evidence, that is your opinion.

You claim I am being hateful toward Trump without a shred of evidence to support that claim.

You are making baseless and unsupported personal attacks on the man, that is one of the best definitions of being hateful.

Then you claim I am being emotional where there is not a scintilla of emotion.

Everything you posted is about how you feel, that is emotion.

Poise, composure, sobriety, thoguhtfulness, and wisdom are not appearance items.

What? That is all appearance, because that is the “outward” appearance you see and are talking about, Hillary Clinton said herself that she has a “public” set of beliefs and a “private” set. That is exactly what I am talking about, this is what professional politicians do, they fool you with outward appearances and museum like qualities while they are behind the scenes stabbing you in the back.

All that matters is results, why do you think appearances are more important than performance?

If Trump can help renegotiate the painful trade deals, secure the southern border, help to fix our broken vetting system for screening radical Islam, thin out the bureaucracy and streamline some of the Government, etc what does it matter if he does not look perfect doing it?

You haven’t a clue on any of this. I tried, but you are the emotional one, the one who has been betrayed by leaders past, and who is crying and whining about previous decisions.
Good luck. You are in for a big let down.

I deal only in facts and basic logic, you are the one crying about your feelings, not me. Yes, previous professional politicians on both sides of the aisle has let America down, that is a statement of fact.

Are you trying to claim everything done has been great for Americans?

How about just NAFTA? Do you believe NAFTA was good or bad?

Hillary Clinton and every Republican running against Trump all loved NAFTA and would never dream of touching it in a million years, so do you agree with the establishment and love NAFTA or do you agree with Trump and the vast majority of normal Americans and see NAFTA as having some serious flaws in it?

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