But, But, you have to hire me…..

Colin Kaepernick the crybaby?

So we hear today that Colin Kaepernick has decided that there must be a vast conspiracy on all teams to keep him off the football field so he hired star studded Mark Geragos to represent him against the NFL under a charge of collusion ……. maybe Russia and Trump was involved in that too? Better call Robert Mueller, we may have found another way to expand his investigation….

Let’s remember that Colin Kaepernick had a contract, and he made the “CHOICE” to cancel his own contract and enter free agency. So his period of unemployment was caused by his own act, not by anything done by team owners.

So why has he not been picked up? Are NFL owners turning their back on him because of a wider order from the NFL? Well I seriously doubt it, why would the NFL openly embrace the still protesting players even though they are bleeding money if they were officially blacklisting Colin Kaepernick? It does not make much sense to me.

So again, why are no teams picking him up? Well start out with the reason he started kneeling in the first place and no, it was not about police shootings or any general desire to support social disparities in the Black community, the man has never protested anything in his past. All those years of playing and no activist tendencies at all. But what was new in this man’s life was suddenly being demoted and losing his starting job with the team.

Now things start to fall into place. Colin Kaepernick loses his starting quarterback job and suddenly all sorts of new behaviors and actions appear. He puts his home up for sale, he makes it very clear he intends to quit his job at the end of the season (can’t do it before) and he starts kneeling. Then we find out he never even voted in the election?

So what makes more sense? That a man with zero activist history in his life suddenly decides to be extremely political, or that a man who has always been treated as a prince in his life suddenly had to face the fact he lost that special snowflake status and had a temper tantrum?

I mean, losing his starting job could not have been his fault, I am sure the team was filled with racists and were only doing this because he was Black…….right?

I am thinking this is just a way to try and pressure the NFL to find him a contract, maybe even just pay him to not play so he shuts up, the league is already dealing with some pretty bad publicity and this could just make it worse, at least with the far left.

But will it work? I do not think he can win the complaint because they would have to show some kind of actual communications between team owners specifically talking about not hiring him, and if any actual evidence of that existed we would have heard about it by now and had about 60 riots all over America because of it.

Help me out there.