I didn’t see those social media reports at the time.

But I did see certain actors on the so-called alt-right say that one goal was to amplify and promote suicidality.

I’m sorry but you need to back that claim up, please provide a direct link to a credible site reporting on these please, because I have never heard of this before and I am extremely well read on most of the major new sites covering many different political loyalties. Even the Huff has not made that claim.

I will also ask why you and the writer believes they have a right to dictate what specific ways news reports on any topic? This stinks of Government controlled speech and propaganda. Yes there should be more care from the media, but I do not want any group to have complete control over all media for any topic.

And we can also say that the over sentimentalization from the media over the election forced many people to get too upset and drag them to emotional distress but that is also what most Liberal actors demanding Hillary win or they would move away from America and the Hillary Campaign trying to paint Trump with the Hitler brush. There were a lot of people trying to inflame anger on both sides so let’s not give them a free pass.