It doesn’t really matter where we each fall on the political spectrum.
Ph0enix R

But it does matter where you are on the political spectrum when it comes to being informed or not and how all Liberals seem uneducated on basic facts like this. Such as, who told you that family can’t work in an official capacity with the Administration? Why do you believe that? Because some radicals on a far left website told you that and you just swallow it?

Did you ever hear of a woman named Hillary Clinton? Would you think being married to Bill Clinton qualifies her as “family”? Hillary Clinton headed many “task forces”, had private offices and a huge professional staff in the Bill Clinton Administration. If Trump appointed his family to similar task force jobs it would simply be the same as what Bill Clinton did a long time ago.

In fact, the nepotism laws so many uneducated Liberals are trying to quote only list the penalty as the forfeiture of pay, nothing more, so in theory Trump could appoint family into his cabinet and just not pay them and still be perfectly legal.

But hey, do not take my word for it, read what the Clinton News Network had to say about it: