The U.S. government has been handing out significant subsidies to the fossil fuel industry for…
Mike Davis

But of course that is all a lie, Government have never subsidized oil products, ever. They may offer tax breaks on certain things but a break in taxes or a tax credit is not a subsidy, it is simply letting you keep money that was already yours.

But on the other hand, Government makes insane amounts of money taxing oil at all of it’s points. Oil is taxed when pumped out of the ground, when it is shipped to refineries, when it is in storage tanks at refineries, when it is processed into various base products, then it is taxed even more when it is sent to be turned into something for consumers such as raw plastics are taxed when sold to a company that wants to make plastic buckets or computer screens etc.

Gas is taxed when it is in it’s final stage, when it is shipped to the gas stations, and again when it is sold at the pump.

Government at all levels, country, state, and Federal tax the hell out o-f oil and it;s many products, there is even an embedded tax on oil bottles. If yo-u added up all the money various levels of Government imposes on gas you would be shocked at how much money Government makes off oil, many times more than the oil companies make themselves.

But what does the Government get from solar? Most panels are made in other Countries, there is no ongoing tax they can get from the users, so they get a one time sales tax off the sale and poof, nothing else but the Government is paying out massive amounts of money to the homeowner to get the solar panels, this is extremely unfair.

Consider this, the homeowner gets thousands of dollars for free, what about all the Americans who do not own their own homes or live in areas without enough average daylight or who rent an apartment? Where is their “free money”? The average American is subsidizing the power grid these solar users need to make their system work, the solar users pay nothing into the fund to maintain the grid. It is a massive win /win for homeowners and everyone else is getting screwed.

And I see you dodged the fact the panels are produced and disposed of in ways that make them worse for the environment, not better.


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