Those who would talk about whether Black Lives Matter throw a fit at the notion that Blue Lives…
Rick Fischer

But the most important questions is, do Black Lives Matter? The only time you ever see anyone upset over the death of a Black person is when a Cop kills one, even if the killing is justified they still complain.

But those events are extremely rare compared to how many blacks die by gang shootings and normal murder, more innocents and children die at the hands of these gangs but you never see any of these groups being upset over that. They know who all the members of the gangs are, they know where they live and they know who there momma is but they stay silent and allow the killers on the streets to remain killing innocent Black kids.

So do Black lives matter? No they do not, not until Blacks get upset over the much, much bigger issues causing the untimely death of Blacks in their neighborhoods than cops. otherwise, it is just political kabuki theater.

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