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Indeed, James Bennet, the Times’ editorial page editor, told The Huffington Post on Friday that “to pretend like the views of a thinker like Bret, and the millions of people who agree with him on a range of issues, should simply be ignored, that they’re outside the bounds of reasonable debate, is a really dangerous form of delusion.”

But the New York Times while being very Liberal, still attempts to push debate on many topics, while the radical left media like the Huffington post and Thinkprogress are about preaching. They establishing the talking points and all others must repeat them loyally or they are not considered part of the left.

I applaud the NYT for their bravery to allow debate even if it is unbalanced with how they supply 100 to 1 against those parts of the debate they prefer to be the winner of the debate.

The radical left believes they should be allowed to silence, even by force, those they do not agree with.

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