Hey, playing nasty seemed to work out pretty well for y’all.
Dave Unfiltered

By the way, I notice you dodged my question about if you truly believe the same people who voted for Obama and Democrats two times in a row suddenly became racists?

I pointed out the fact that it was Obama voters who stayed home or voted for Trump that cost Hillary the election, Trump did not see any kind of “surge” of new racist motivated voters, in fact he got about the same amount of votes as Romney did but he did do better with women, blacks, and hispanics.

So how do you explain all those Democrat/Obama voters not supporting Hillary? You really believe those Democrats who voted for Obama two times suddenly became racists and decided to help Trump?

Answer the question, don’t run away from painful facts, you guys are so fact to try and not take responsibility for this result but it seems very clear all this talk about racists and such is to actually change the subject away from the fact that you did not inspire and motivate your own people to come out and support your candidate and there is no way you can try to say they are racists after voting for Obama two times so you have concocted this false narrative to once again dodge facts too painful for you to accept.

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