Yes, you DID call him a liar; yet again, a Republican displays a complete disregard for an…
Mort Alcoil

Yes, you DID call him a liar

Can you offer a direct quote of me calling him a liar?

If not that makes you a liar.

yet again, a Republican displays a complete disregard for an individual’s circumstances, a lack of empathy, compassion and basic human decency. Republicans have NO EFFING PLAN to replace Romneycare/Heritage Foundationcare/Obamacare.

Emotions are the death of intellect, either something is good or bad, it is either acceptable or it is not, we do not operate out Government on emotions.

There are more than 75 Republican plans that have been out there even before Obamacare was passed, it is a lie to claim they have no plan. But them having a plan or not does not change the fact that Obamacare is bad, horrible, and the exchanged will die no matter if Republicans do anything or not.

Facts, not emotions.

Sickening that people dying doesn’t even register with you.

Claiming that we have to keep a horrible set of laws in place just to prove we “care” is childish. More people are being hurt than helped, if you want to pay for other’s healthcare, go do it, nobody is stopping you, why is it you only “care” when someone else is paying for it?

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