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Career FBI investigators have been deeply digging into this for over 10 months now, so this one guy is going to suddenly find something new that a huge team of professional FBI investigators could not?

Do you on the radical left really believe that?

But you know what crimes really have been committed and nobody in the FBI will investigate it?

There is a steady stream of thousands of classified documents and information pouring out of the highest levels o9f the FBI and Trump has asked them to look into it more than 20 times now and they flat refuse.

Interesting to say the least.

I don’t care that they got a special investigator, I know he can’t possibly do any better job than the hundreds of career FBI investigators who have already but if it will help silence the radicals fine. But what I would also like to see is someone at the FBI and the Intelligence community show a little concern about all the massive leaks in their organizations these days.

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