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Comey has hurt himself greatly. He is now a “leaker” and it is now obvious why Comey never wanted to make going after FBI leaks a priority being as he was the top leaker in chief.

Many other “leaks” now make a lot more sense. The account Comey gave of his dealings with Lynch ordering Comey to follow the Clinton campaign instructions concerning specific language to be used with the public was “leaked” last year to the media, right after Comey was taking a lot of bad press concerning his decision to reopen the Hillary investigation.

A lot of these leaks were targeted to hurt Trump or make Comey look better that came out of the FBI, so it now seems abundantly clear that Comey is the source for many of those media reports from the FBI leaks.

I know a lot of the radical left see Comey as their hero for calling Trump a liar, but average Americans will not see him in a good light now that he is exposed as an FBI leaker. Once that settles in, nobody is going to trust anything he has to say. Comey has ruined his reputation.

Anyway, according to FBI record keeping rules and the Records act, any “product” of official meetings belongs to the Federal Government. He even admitted to taking those memos to work and showing them to his staff and discussing them, they are official Government records and he decided to “weaponize” (to use the Hillary Clinton term) those Federal documents as an attack on Trump.

And yes, reports based on his memos came out before Trump’s tweet, the NYT’s can lie all it wants about their source but the leaker-in-chief has proven himself to be untrustworthy and there is no reason to doubt he was the source of those leaks too.