So, because you are dogmatically opposed to Obamacare, you have no problems just calling this brave…
Mort Alcoil

Did I call him a liar? Or are you telling a lie because you need to blindly defend Obamacare no matter if legitimate points are made or not? Why do you feel you have to lie?

There is a saying in the sales world, things people want and need sell themselves, everything else has to be “sold” to people.

If Obamacare was great, nobody would have to defend it. Clearly it is not great, clearly where are a lot of problems, clearly you know this is true and why you have to try and insert lies to attack me on a personal level instead of addressing the actual points being made.

But, I do not know if the guy is telling the truth or not, all I said is we need more information to determine in Obamacare really saved his life or not. A lot of what was listed in this story was incomplete and it could be the reporter, not the man who has painted an incomplete picture, in fact it is most likely the writer intentionally distorting this, it happens all the time on those who write for Thinkprogress.

What “seems” to be the only real point is he refused to get insurance all his life and only decided to get insurance when he got sick, something Obama specifically said was wrong and needed to be changed. But again there is not enough information to say any of this for sure.

And that was my point.

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