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So by your perverted logic, anyone with Brown skin must be deported?

Did I say that? Why do all Liberals refuse to have a reasonable debate on the facts? Why do you have to lie and jump to conclusions nobody said? What does Blown skin have to do with using false SSN to work? Do you believe all people with Brown skin are illegals? I simply do not understand why you would even try to say such a nasty thing?

You on the radical left need help.

They are as Human as you and I are, I vote absentee, maybe everyone should, instead of in person, then Voter ID is not needed…

By law illegals are not supposed to vote, did you forget what we were talking about?

No one here in CA is for Voter ID, ever hear of a perjury charge?
It’s a felony, and it carries Prison Time…

So does returning to- America after being deported the first time and ten times worse …….. using a SSN that does not belong to you, up to 10 years in prison, so if they are already guilty of several felony crimes, why not vote? It is why I ask you on the radical left why you push fun laws? Criminals are already willing to murder, the penalty for murder is a lot worse, so why would they fear the lesser criminal charger?

Illegals in Sanctuary cities and States do not fear deportation or any criminal case for perjury, lol that is small time compared to all the other ways they break the laws.

So far the only people try and vote more than once, are Republicans

Well of course you are cherry picking, there are a lot of cases of Democrats being busted too but the point is nobody should vote illegally and if showing ID that everyone already has can stop it, why not?

So I see you now suddenly want to debate the value of voter ID now that I proved my point that if they want to,m illegals can indeed vote easily in California, that was my point and clearly you now admit this much is true so now you want to try and avoid admitting you were wrong and change the subject, lol, so typical of the average far leftie, lol.

Okay, I’ll slap down your garbage on that too just to send you packing, lol.

Everyone had ID, it is 100% lie that there are tens og millions of dedicated Liberals hiding in the forest to come out on vote day then go back. These people live in the world, they have jobs and banking accounts, they live in apartments or own homes, they rent cars and fly on airplanes, and they collect SSI and get free Obamacare policies as well as thousands of other things and guess what all these things have in common?

All of those activities require you to show Government issued ID.

Take your student example, it is a long and tired lie you on the radical left claim that students never have any form of ID. Even the students with well off parents want money for beer and pot so almost all students have some form of part time job at least. And what do you have to fill out when you get a job? An I-9. And what sort of information do you have to have to fill out the I-9? Government issued ID, a passport, etc.

You want to use your new free Obamacare policy? You have to show Government issued ID.

You want to rent an apartment? You have to pass a background check and show a Government issued ID.

You want to collect SSI? You have to use direct deposit and to open the bank account you have to shot Government issued ID.

You want to cash a check? Especially a Government tax check with earned income credit finds included? You guesses it, you have to show Government issued ID.

Everyone has ID. There is not a single reason to not show ID when you register to vote and when you cast your ballot.

All the lies you tell change nothing, you dodged the fact that illegals can indeed vote if they want to. You tried to claim they could not, but I proved you wrong. Then you try to claim the penalty “if caught” are severe, I proved they are not and they already are guilty of way worse, and let’s not be stupid, there is no way California would ever prosecute any illegal who did vote if they found out, they set up the system this weak on purpose.

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