Seems you think the spread of misinformation by those in power or those wanting to be in power is a…
Paul Pearson

Seems you think the spread of misinformation by those in power or those wanting to be in power is a new thing.

Did I say that?

It is not, just gets spread faster to the uninformed and misinformed. You want the demise of freedom and democracy, ruin the beliefs of the voters in their institutions first, the rest will follow. Now I know from posts by you in the past that most of this you will not agree with, but we now have reached what to scientists call ‘critical mass’, the belief in our news organisations has been damaged immensely,

When mainstream media has joined in on misinformation, of course it is spreading faster. The loss of respect by media is “EARNED” by them. ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as all of the liberal cable news outlets all pushed a severely edited and taken out of context comment by Trump to try and perpetuate a fake idea Trump called all Mexicans rapists.

When all of them did that for the specific purpose to help Hillary and hurt Trump any way they could even if they had to lie and distort, they have made it very clear there is no real journalism anymore and nothing deserving of respect.

And that “IS” new.

the faith in our elected leaders has been destroyed by the widespread propaganda over the last 3 decades by the ‘right’ to a point where one has to wonder if our survival as a united country is viable.

The “Right” did not force Obama to lie about keeping out doctors and insurance we like. The “Right” did not force Hillary to operate a private email server. The “Right” did not force Democrats to switch to identity politics being more concerned about punishing cake makers who do not want to- be involved in gay weddings instead of lost jobs in Middle America. The “Right” did not force Democrats to be more interested in letting boys who thing they are girls shower with girls in school then terrorists who want to kill us.

By the way, did you know two years before Hillary took over as SoS the Bush Administration had their own private email server issue and Hillary gave three speeches ripping into the Bush Administration correctly addressing the fact that private server use erases any ability to fulfill FOIA requests and Government accountability? So Hillary agrees using a private server for work related emails is wrong, but then two years later decides to only use her own private server for all official emails? You see nothing wrong with that?

Using this example, why would Americans trust our leaders?

How do we turn this around?

By getting Democrats to stop the name calling first, we are fellow Americans, we are not “evil” just because we do not agree with you.

Well one thing is apparent, things will only get worse under the leadership of a petulant, narcissistic liar in the White House.

And there is more name calling, this kind of behavior by all normal; Liberals like you is why you have lost over 900 elections while Obama has been President. Your arrogance and hate is so horrible that normal Americans are rejecting you.