According to the story, “ the woman who posted that video to Facebook, Audra D.
Ginger Edwards

Domino effect, you deprive other flights of their crews? The greater good is to make sure the other flights those workers were reporting to get to their plane.

It does not matter, the plane belongs to the airline, they established rules such as the random lottery to pick who gets off when needed.

I asked a specific question you refused to answer, no matter what the reason, once there is established the need for some passengers to get off, what do you want the airline to do? Magically transform the plant to have more seats?

You guys simply can’t see the real world, sometimes a decision has to be made where not everyone will be happy. If the witnesses were so concerned why did they not volunteer to get off so the Doctor could stay? Because they wanted their seat and was glad to see someone else get kicked off instead of them.

So answer my question, what should the airline have done? Cancel the flight for everyone?

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