I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Excellent piece and those attacking you for it are just pissed off because they know you are making a valid set of points. Of course women and trans women are different, you point out many reasons why very well in fact, but the problem is not gender related, it is political.

You see, politics of the left is always based on victimhood, and while women have always been in the mix of the downtrodden and victimized, the Left has always wanted more. Bigger and sensational, and then came the sudden explosion of Trans women with the Jenner “coming out” and now the left has their “better” woman.

This was especially concerning to me because I have raised a Daughter and saw how few and far between scholarships are for girls and now biological boys can step in and compete against girls? As if it was not hard enough being female in this Country, now men can steal the few things girls and women did have?

You Women get pushed further down the Liberal totem pole every time you look around.

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