So, let me get this straight, you point to there not being enough healthy people signing up as part…
Paul Henry

So, let me get this straight, you point to there not being enough healthy people signing up as part of the problem. I point to the fact that Trump removed the impetus for healthy people to sign up. It’s basic math.

Except that the exchanges saw all of this long before Trump even ran for office, so you can;t blame anything on Trump, nice try, all of these issues are caused by Obama and the fact that not 1 of the promises used to “sell” Obamacare to us came true, a perfect 100% failure to keep any Obamacare promises.

The only way *any* health insurance would ever work is to get healthy people to sign up. Period. End of story.

I was the one who educated you on that fact, funny you now try to repeat what I said as if you thought of it, lol.

The sad fact is, Obamacare did not supply the healthy people, end of story. Nice ideas, zero execution.

So yeah, premiums went up because healthy people weren’t signing up.

Again, I was the one who just told you that, lol.

*ALL* healthcare reform, liberal or conservative, will have the same faults if they don’t fix that problem.

Nope, because there are other ways to control costs, such as limiting pre-existing conditions. This one thing alone costs insurance companies billions of dollars because people will sign up when they get sick then drop it when they get well, no insurance company can absorb those costs.

The ACA had a solution, but Trump basically neutered it.

So if there was a “solution” why did Obama not fix it all before leaving office? Clearly you are being dishonest, if there was a way to save Obamacare, Obama would have done that, he wants this to work because it is his only legacy.

Plus, that same CBO said the same statements about the AHCA in regards to Exchange stability. So if we shouldn’t believe them in one case, are you suggesting we shouldn’t believe them when they say the AHCA will have stable exchanges?

Where did I ever claim I believe the exchanges would stay under the AHCA? Sure there are a lot of great things to offer it better stability and more freedoms to offer a variety of policies, not just those extremely high cost policies Obamacare mandated, and I believe they will have a greater chance of working, but they still face the same problem, young and healthy people do not buy health insurance to help subsidize the sigk and even with a greater range of policies I do not see young people suddenly changing their minds on this issue.

Consider this, the day Obamacare was passed there were thousands of posts on Yahoo (more popular with young people) telling them how to go change their exemptions so they never over paid their taxes and as such would never have to pay the penalty for not having insurance, the only mechanism Obama allowed to collect the fine was to confiscate tax returns.

The way you’re arguing is against the concept of health insurance entirely. Is that what you are suggesting?

Why do you on the radical left always do that? Why do you have to go from one extreme to another allowing no middle ground at all? So because I am against Government mandated and direct control over all insurance policies in America I also must be against Insurance in general?

You on the radical left make no sense at all to normal people. You only want Government to do everything and no other option is even a consideration for you.

No, I am not against insurance, why I should have to say that is silly but this is what I get for hanging out on a far left echo chamber I suppose, lol. What I am against is one-sized-fits-all Government mandated insurance.

I have good friends who do not have adult children in the age range to be included on their policy, they do not have a need for maternity care, and they are both male so they do not need any OB/GYN coverage or free birth control but their policy includes all those extremely high cost benefits and they have to pay a much higher premium than if they could buy a policy without all those high cost benefits in it. Insurance should be flexible to allow you to have the coverage you need, not what the Government demands you buy.

You seem confused so let me explain my feelings in a different way you could possibly understand my point better. Let’t say the Government mandated all grocery stores only sell healthy foods. I would object to this because the Government is both mandating a specific type of food be the only food we can consume but also because markets should be allowed to sell what their local customers want, not be forced to limit their selection to just what foods are approved for sale by the Federal Government. opposing Government mandated approved foods does not mean I am against the idea of grocery stores.

Edit to add:

I see you dodged my question, so I will ask it again, if you refuse to answer it again I will just keep asking it and ignore anything you write.

Do you remember how the same CBO said insurance rates would go down under Obamacare? Did that come true?

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