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Far left outlets attacking Trump is somehow a shock? So in the absence of any actual evidence against Trump from the Comey hearing, sensational attack headlines are supposed to make up for that?

Comey admitted to being a leaker yesterday, and there is no reason to believe this was an exception. Once this fact settle into the minds and hearts of the American people, Comey will have zero credibility.

I am actually shocked he was stupid enough to admit he saw nothing wrong with leaking Government documents to the media, this is just another great example of how rage clouds decision making.

But what should really shock anyone who watched the hearing is how weak and timid he attempted to make himself seem. In many questions he was asked about why he did not stand up to Trump, inform him that certain conversations should not happen in private, that some behaviors were not appropriate, etc and in every case Comey said he was too weak or too scared or too shocked to react. Really? Comey has got to be the most cowardly 6 ft 8 inch man I have ever heard of. After a lifetime of Government legal work with the DOJ and the FBI, exposed to some of the horrible criminals in the world and he was intimidated by Trump?

Really? Who believes that tripe?

Oh, by the way, if Comey really believed Trump’s comments about Flynn was an attempt to obstruct justice, Comey had a legal obligation to report it officially. Comey never reporting it means he either never saw it as an attempt to obstruct and is only saying that now because he is mad about being fired, =OR= Comey thought he could stick this little tidbit in his pocket to use for political power down the road. If the second is true than Comey broke the law and is sleezy on top of it.