First, feel free to present a source for your assertion that they were paid tens of millions of…

First of all, the Clintons have flat refused to open the books on their foundation. There was all this talk of people being upset at Trump for not releasing his tax returns but not 1 Liberals demanded the Clintons open their books on the foundation when we all know “IF” there was anything bad being hidden, it would be in the foundation.

Chelsea is not on the official limited list, this is true, but being as the money details have never been released, we do not know for sure on anything, but we do know she has also traveled all over the world and they all stay in top shelf hotels and eat only the best foods and always travel in private jets refusing to fly commercial so how much do you think all that costs the foundation? They spend millions just in private flights.

I will say, however, that Hillary Clinton is quite probably the most investigated Secretary of State ever, who has never had any allegation actually stick.

They only got Al Capone on tax evasion. Was he innocent of all crimes too?

Laws rarely work the same for the politically connected and the rich, Hillary is both. We all know Bill Clinton is guilty of perjury, any normal person would have gone to jail for telling lies under oath, Bill gets no punishment and is still the most beloved Democrat alive.

My point ab out the Clintons is the massive double standard. Why cry about Trump possibly getting thousands of dollars when the Clintons got hundreds of millions of dollars? By the way, getting to spend those hundreds of millions with certain venders and companies also purchases a lot of power, the foundation should be deeply investigated to see if anyone getting Clinton foundation contracts donated to her campaign, the spider web of connections with the Clintons, their foundation, their campaigns, and their personal life is extremely complex, why would we not investigate it?

Trump is least likely to fall for bribe attempts because he is already filthy rich. Special interests tried to buy Trump and he sent them packing refusing to take their money. Hillary took money from anyone willing to give it, you do not think taking all that money is a conflict of interest? I thought you wanted special interest money out of elections and Washington? I guess you actually only want the Republicans to stop taking that money, Democrats should take all they can get, right?