No, Frelinghuysen is NOT “just a person”.
Eric Hartman

Frelinghuysen “is also” just a person, he does not surrender his own rights of free speech and freedom o-f association just because he is elected into office.

I see this is extremely hypocritical by the radical left. It was the left who came up with the idea of attacking corporations to push political agendas and even get people fired because their associations were not “politically correct”.

How many times have you guys went after someone because of something they said or did away from their job but you harassed them at work and got them fired? Hell you even petitioned the NBA to force Donald Sterling to sell his team for something he said (was very bad) in the privacy of his own home and in front of the hooker he paid for. If what we say in the privacy of our own homes is not protected speech, what is?

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